As you navigate through this website you will notice a strong emphasis on plantings. Landscape design encompasses many elements: circulation, access, patios, decks, outdoor kitchens, pergolas and outdoor living rooms are all important elements of the landscape. But it is the plants that do the work so essential to a resilient and healthy ecosystem.

Whether part of a green roof, rain garden or bioswale, plants slow down, cool and filter water allowing underground aquifers to be replenished and easing the burden on storm sewers. Every property can be properly graded and planted to manage water, our most precious resource.

A diversity of plant material provides habitat and nectar for beneficial insects, birds and other small animals. With decline in species occurring with climate change, it is essential that our green space contributes to the health of the environment.


I look forward to meeting you, developing a unique design for your property and introducing you to a few of the thousands of plants that will provide beauty in so many ways.

Adele Pierre, Principal Designer

Bachelor of Music in Performance, University of Toronto
Diploma in Horticulture, Ontario Agricultural College
Master of Landscape Architecture 
Certified Landscape Designer, Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association

Adele Pierre in Caledonia, ON on Houzz