Creiff Hills Community

Prairie Garden

Crieff Hills Community¬†is built on land¬†originally owned by Colonel J.B. Maclean, founder of Maclean’s magazine, The Financial Post and Maclean-Hunter publishers. The farm and buildings were designed by the Olmstead firm and much of the property remains untouched Carolinian forest.

When a new building was erected a few years ago, the administrators wanted the surrounding landscape to sustainable and ecologically vibrant. These prairie plantings cover the vast septic field, and provide food and nectar for a multitude of birds and insects. The native soil is almost completely gravel, but these tough native plants are thriving even in the driest summer on record. Species include baptisia australis, panicum virgatum ‘Shenandoah’, echinacea purpurea, various rudbeckia and achillea.